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What do you think about ad-blocking?

What do you think about ad-blocking?

Ad blocking is a back a forth game between businesses trying to make money online and users trying to have a better experience. 

As an advertising agency owner, I make a living running ads for clients as well as for myself, so in a direct way I’m not excited about ad blocking software, but….

The ads I run perform at a higher level when they have an offer and audience match. Meaning, the audience actually wants to see the ads I’m showing because they directly help them in some way. 

Ad blocking is forcing advertisers to become more creative and personalized in how ads are delivered and marketing is done. 

Would you mind seeing an ad if it was specific to something you needed or wanted? 

In it’s current state many sites are very intrusive with their ads. News sites are especially annoying with the autoplay video content or massive fullscreen ads. 

What I like it ads that look and feel like useful content. It answers a question ONLY for it’s intended audience and provides value. 

   ” According to a new IAB report, 26 percent of desktop users and 15 percent of mobile consumers use blockers to remove ads from publishers’ websites. Roughly 32 percent of ad blockers across both groups are males between 18 and 34, and 22 percent are women of the same age.” (ref Adweek)

While this current state does affect my own tracking and ability to reach people with ads, it also means that most people are not using ad blockers. 

I think we are seeing a shift in the market place, where everything is going to be some type of content and not a typical ad. For example Red Bull’s sponsorships of extreme sports position them as a leader in the “extreme drinks” area. RB doesn’t need to put autoplay popups on every website, because they already have a spot in your brain from all the content they produce. 

Is their content any less entertaining because their logo is all over it? I’d say it isn’t.
This is the type of blended content we are going to see more of. Adblockers will force better content.