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Which Is Better 1 Day Or 7 day Conversion Window

Screen Facebook conversion optimization window - 1 day or 7 days

Screen Facebook conversion optimization window - 1 day or 7 days

Which optimization window is best? We all ask because we all want the best running ads! I get it.

Turns out, it’s not that simple, but it isn’t complicated either.

Direct from Facebook:

Conversions. At a minimum, your ad set needs to be getting 15-25 of the conversions it’s optimized for per week to have a chance at success.

Note: 15-25 is only a bare minimum. 50-100+ is ideal.
Go ahead and read that again. I’ll wait….

When you’re running an ad for conversions, you need to have a MINIMUM of 15-25 conversions for the Facebook algorithm to start to optimize. It needs that much information to be able to help find people like what you are looking for.

Screen Facebook conversion optimization window - 1 day or 7 daysScreen Facebook conversion optimization window - 1 day or 7 daysScreen Facebook conversion optimization window - 1 day or 7 days

I’m sure you’ve run into this conversion window as you’ve built out adsets. So here’s the deal:

based on the numbers (from Facebook) above, Facebook is asking you to designate a time period that you expect to see at least 25 conversions. It will use that information to better understand and optimize your campaigns. 

In practice:
Let’s say you are running an e-commerce  store and you offer a lower priced product and you plan to seel using Facebook ads. 
As you just get started you optimize for conversions, but you only plan to spend $20/day on ads to test. For this amount of adspend, it’s unlikely that you will get 25 conversions per day, but 25 per week is definitely possible.

So you optimize for the 7 day window. 
You will be likely to get your 25 or more conversion per week and the Facebook algorithm will be happy! 

When your store starts taking off and you want to scale, you can start thinking about changing the optimization window to one day. 

Imagine you’ve been running your store for a month and you have the targeting dialed in and you want to scale. You’ve been seeing 25-50 (or more) conversion PER DAY for the last week. 

Now you can change the settings to 1 day optimization window. This may take an adjustment period, but Facebook will be looking for those sales to take place over a shorter period of one day. 

My take is that it won’t hurt to keep the setting at 7 days, until you are really getting a lot of conversions consistently on a daily basis. 

Keep in mind this is per adset, not total or campaign.

As a small advertiser (Less than $1k a day in adspend) you are probably best to stick with the 7 day conversion window. If you are really over that 100 conversions per day, consider going to 1 day conversion. 

What kind of conversion? 

At each step of your process, you have conversions you have an opportunity for conversions. For a generic sales funnel you have these standard conversions:

Landing page conversions. (View Content)
Add to cart conversions
Checkout page conversions
Purchase conversions

When you get started running ads, it will make sense to set the conversion to the easiest one, (View content). 
As more people visit and move through your funnel, you can start setting the conversion deeper. 

So once you have a consistent flow of people visiting “Ad to Cart” you can optimize your adset for that conversion. 

As you start to have 25 (at least) Check out page conversions, you move the optimization here.

The goal is to get your adset optimized for purchases.

I hope this helps demystify the optimization process and options that face you each time you build a new adset!


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