Why aren't my Facebook ads performing well, even though I have a very specific target audience of 200k? | Get ROI Ads

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Why aren’t my Facebook ads performing well, even though I have a very specific target audience of 200k?

Why aren't my Facebook ads performing well, even though I have a very specific target audience of 200k?

There are so many factors that could be affecting the performance of your ads, but I’ll hit on a few key points.

1. You have the wrong audience.

It’s a common mistake new advertisers make running ads and building audiences. Building audiences that are too small or just miss the mark altogether. You are making some assumptions about what interests your audience has or doesn’t have and putting a few of these together. 
In this case you have either choose some very specific interests, thinking these represent your audience or you have layered a number of interests or demographics on top of each other, but created too narrow of an audience. 

2. Your audience isn’t large enough.
You layered your audience down with only a few interest of added too many layers, your audience is small. Smaller audiences typically cost more to reach because you are competing to reach a smaller pool of people. 
On any given day only so many of a specified audience will be online, so it’s possible with a group this small that there just aren’t any buyers in the group. When you have the right audience and offer there are always takers, though. 
As Facebook has advanced it’s audience technology, it’s been able to match people on hundreds, if not thousands of parameters. Facebook understands your ad and offer and gives a probability that any person will convert in a specific audience. 
If you audience is too small Facebook may not be able to find anyone with  high probability of converting, so your ads perform poorly. 
A larger audience lat’s Facebook have more options of who to show the ad too, which can help the performance. 

3. Your offer isn’t compelling.

Your ad and offer could just be bad. First ask yourself “would I click this ad?” and be honest. If you think it’s boring, then it it. Change it, test something new. 

The offer is really the most important part. Most people say it’s the image, which is what catches your eyes, but you see the text and offer in the ad before you see the image. If the offer or text is compelling, the image can be less than perfect and you will see the ad perform. 

Do you have a call to action to get people to take action? Simply showing them something cool, doesn’t mean they know what to do next. 

4. Your landing page and sales process is broken.
It’s not always the ads fault you aren’t getting leads or making the sale. You aren’t specific in what you mean by “not performing” so it could be that your ad is doing fine, but you just aren’t getting sales and leads like you expect. 

In this case you need to look at your process. Are visitors to your landing page converting at an acceptable rate? If people are going to your page and not converting, then it could be a problem with the landing page or possibly you are being unclear in the ad and inviting the wrong people. 

There is no correct answer, but many things that you can look at.