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Why isn’t my Facebook ad working? It says “in review.”

What happens when my FAcebook ad says

You go through all the steps to build out your campaign and then hit the “go” button….

then you wait….

you are expecting sales to start happening, traffic to show up and click your ad, but you are stuck in limbo!

The dreaded “In Review”…

Your Facebook Ad is In Review, now what?

You start to wonder, what you could have done wrong, or whats taking so long? 
Will it EVER get approved? 

I get it, I’ve been there. 

The correct answer is that sometimes it just takes up to 24 hours for an ad to be approved. 

Be patient and let Facebook do it’s job to look over your ads. 

A few things can happen: 
1. The best thing that can happen is that your ad is quickly approved and running well very quickly. 
2. Your ad is approved eventually, but it takes a while. This is more common on weekends or during holidays, from what I’ve noticed running thousands of ads for myself and clients. 
3. Your ad is disapproved – with some unspecified reference to not meeting Facebook’s policies. Go read the policies. If you are going to run ads, it’s worth understanding what you can and can’t do. The disapproved ad also gives you a chance to fix whatever is wrong. Remember that they check the ad, landing page and in some cases the entire site (so it may not even be your ad that is the issue). 
4. Your account is disabled without warning. This usually happens either : 
    A. After you have been running ads for a while and think everything is going well. Your account will be disabled. (You can get it back, sometimes See this post). 
    B. Your account is disabled immediately. This can happen due to suspicious activity, IP addresses not matching where you say you are, or your payment method not being up today. 

If you are still reading about Facebook Ads in Review, you are probably like me and looking for a better way, maybe a faster way to get it through review. 

For some perspective I have been running ads for years through my Business manager. If there is such thing as a “trust factor”, then I have some built up. (just keep this in mind if what I share doesn’t work for you). 

If I get an “in review”, I wait. I will usually wait about an hour or so and if they aren’t running by then I do this….

I’ll go into an ad and make one small change to the text, so that I can “review and save” again. Without making a change, it doesn’t let you save again. 

If I can’t find something to change, I will go to the ad set level and change something small like the age range. So rather than targeting 18-65+, I’ll change it to 19-65+. Then resave it. 

Thats it, one of those usually works for me to get it approved (or disapproved) faster.