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Why Would You Use Reach Or Impressions Rather Than Clicks Or Conversions In An Ad Campaign.

Why is paying for Facebook advertising by exposure, rather than clicks, not a ripoff?

That is a great question and for most small advertisers it makes little sense. For my own clients at The Exfil Project Marketing Agency, I advise exposure type ads sparingly. 

For the average small business either online or off, you are trying to direct a fairly immediate reaction to make a purchase. So, while I wouldn’t call it a “ripoff”, I would say it’s probably not the next choice in most cases. 

For large companies like McDonalds or Coke, paying for exposure or “Brand Awareness” makes sense. A customer can’t purchase a hamburger through their computer (yet) like a product on Amazon or Shopify. This comes into play when purchases are made in the real world. For a person who has seen McDonald’s ads over and over, they will be more likely to stop in a eat at McDonald’s. Same with a brand like Coke. They want a person to remember their name and some feeling that was presented in the advertisement. 

A smaller business can possibly use awareness (better is video views) as a way to filter people who might be interested in their product. By showing a video to the widest audience possible and then building an audience of people who interacted with the video a certain amount, you have a  narrowed audience who have indicated an interest in your product. Then you run your offer to this smaller group, who have indicated interest.